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Agenda and minutes

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Introductions and procedure


Councillor Wayne welcomed everyone to the meeting and officers and members introduced themselves.  The procedure for the conduct of the meeting was outlined.


Apologies for absence


There were no apologies for absence.


Declarations of substitute members


There were no declarations of substitute members.


Declarations of interest

If you have a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest* in an item of business:

§  if it is not yet on the council’s register, you must declare both the existence and details of it at the start of the meeting or when it becomes apparent;

§  you may choose to declare a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest that is already in the register in the interests of openness and transparency. 

In both the above cases, you must leave the room without participating in discussion of the item.


If you have a personal interest in an item of business and you intend to speak or vote on the item you must declare both the existence and details of it at the start of the meeting or when it becomes apparent but you may participate in the discussion and vote on the item.


*(a)     Employment, etc - Any employment, office, trade, profession or vocation carried on for profit or gain.

(b) Sponsorship - Any payment or other financial benefit in respect of your expenses in carrying out duties as a member, or of your election; including from a trade union.

(c) Contracts - Any current contract for goods, services or works, between you or your partner (or a body in which one of you has a beneficial interest) and the council.

(d) Land - Any beneficial interest in land which is within the council’s area.

(e) Licences- Any licence to occupy land in the council’s area for a month or longer.

(f) Corporate tenancies - Any tenancy between the council and a body in which you or your partner have a beneficial interest.

 (g) Securities - Any beneficial interest in securities of a body which has a place of business or land in the council’s area, if the total nominal value of the securities exceeds £25,000 or one hundredth of the total issued share capital of that body or of any one class of its issued share capital. 


This applies to all members present at the meeting.





Order of Business


The order of business would be B1, B4, B3 and B2.


Minutes of Previous Meeting pdf icon PDF 151 KB



That the minutes of the meeting held on the 31 January 2017 be confirmed as a correct record and the Chair be authorised to sign them.


Humble Grape, 11-13 Theberton Street, N1 0QY - New premises licence pdf icon PDF 7 MB


The Sub-Committee noted that following receipt of late papers from the applicant, the residents had discussed the matter of an adjournment with the applicant. The applicant agreed that the matter be adjourned until the next meeting of the Licensing Sub-Committee.



That this matter be adjourned until the next Licensing Sub-Committee, on the 1 June 2017.


Sourced Market. Ground Floor, 7-12 Goswell Road, EC1M 7AH - New premises licence pdf icon PDF 726 KB


The Sub-Committee noted the advice from the planning officer that a change of use application would be required.  The Sub-Committee noted the advice from the legal officer that licensing policy 6 set out that the licensing authority would only grant licences for premises without planning consent in exceptional circumstances.


The applicant stated that the proposed use would remain ancillary as the primary use for sales of alcohol would be to hotel residents.  It had been set out in the certificate of lawfulness that there would be an amount of public use. He stated that he had a letter from the planning consultants that the use envisaged would fall within the certificate of lawfulness as issued. 


In response to questions it was noted that the applicant considered that planning use had already been resolved.  It was noted that customers would be aware that they were entering a hotel even when using the Goswell Road entrance.  It was noted that the Certificate of Lawfulness gave a percentage figure for the split between hotel use and public use.  The applicant stated that for breakfast and for the evening there would be greater use by hotel residents and at lunchtime it was expected there would be more public use. 


The Sub-Committee adjourned the meeting to consider the Certificate of Lawfulness.


During the adjournment it was noted that, following discussions with residents, the applicant agreed to a revision of hours for the sale of alcohol from 11am until 10pm Monday to Sunday and a closing time of 10pm.



That the application be deferred until the planning matter has been resolved to the satisfaction of the Planning Authority.


Note of the Sub-Committee

Before the Sub-Committee agreed to defer the application the applicant advised that the application had been revised as follows:-

1)           To allow the supply of alcohol on the premises from 11am until 10pm Monday to Sunday. 

2)           Opening hours to be:- 7am to 10pm Monday to Sunday.


The applicant indicated that the revision to the application had been proposed following discussions with a local resident who was in attendance at the hearing.


Lost Rivers Cafe, 122 Old Street, EC1M 9RD - New premises licence pdf icon PDF 2 MB


The licensing officer reported that the conditions on page 137 were detailed in conditions 4-18 at appendix 3 of the report.  There would be no use of the courtyard by the customers as this was for the exclusive use of the students.  A condition could be applied to prevent drinking outside the premises. Off sales would be in sealed containers. 


The licensing authority was concerned that the proposed hours were in excess of the licensing policy suggested hours for a bar.  The cumulative impact policy had not been dealt with in the application and the nature of the business was not clear. The applicant confirmed that the capacity would be for a maximum of 150 people. Layout plans were tabled at the meeting and would be interleaved with the agenda papers. A fire risk assessment would also be required.


A local resident stated that the cumulative impact policy placed the burden of proof on the applicant that the premises would not add to the cumulative impact.  The area was already saturated with licensed premises with intoxicated people and anti-social behaviour problems.  He stated that this was not a café but was a bar that would operate seven days a week until 1am on Fridays and Saturdays.  The applicant managed other late night venues. If the premises were a café why would the proposals be for a 1am licence, with more conditions than a restaurant licence and proposing extra security on Friday and Saturday.  The applicant emphasised good links with public transport and as a late night venue would attract customers from outside the area.  There was an emphasis on a considerable bar and music at the venue and it could not fail to add to the cumulative impact.  If this was an application for a café or restaurant there would be no vertical drinking and hours proposed would be reasonable.  He stated that this type of premises was the reason that the cumulative impact policy had been brought in to protect residents. He did not consider that the conditions would help.  The grant of the licence would add a large number of people to the street and would impact considerably on the area.


The applicant stated that each site they had was different.  This premises was to be a high end café which sold craft ales.  The applicant reported that they would remove the live music element of the application.  The ground floor would hold from 25 to 30 people vertically drinking.  The food was good quality and was not cheap.  The space was not appropriate for live music.  Regarding the cumulative impact, customers would leave as the last trains departed and would filter out.  Most customers would leave via the back door.


In response to questions it was noted that above the premises was high end student accommodation.  Rents were high and this was a high end fit out. Late hours were requested in order to have the opportunity to fit in two food sittings on Friday and Saturday.  ...  view the full minutes text for item 176.


Festac, 148 Holloway Road, N7 8DD - Temporary Event Notice pdf icon PDF 3 MB


The police reported that at the previous temporary event there had been a large fight in the street involving approximately 20 people.  A claw hammer had been found at the scene with blood on it.  The injured parties did not want to pursue the matter but the police had concerns due to this event.  He stated that there had been problems at Festac three years ago and he was concerned that these problems would return.


In response to questions, it was noted that the previous temporary event had been a private party and the police had agreed the temporary event noticed based on this information.  However, due to the problems at the last event they were concerned about the type of crowd they would get at this event.  The police stated that the incident had occurred near closing time and conditions required that customers leave the area quietly.  He stated that security should be proactive when customers were dispersing.


The licensee reported that the fight that took place was not directly opposite the premises but was about 30 yards down the road.  There was security in place.  Customers had started to leave but there were still customers on the premises when the fight started.  The police were driving by and saw the fight.  The licensee accepted that the people involved had been Festac customers.  It was the submission of the police that he had not been co-operative.  He considered that this was a misunderstanding.  The shutters were already down and the police banged on the shutters.  The licensee informed police that he had not slept for three days so would provide the CCTV the following morning. He considered that the police misunderstood and had stated that CCTV would not be provided for three days. The officer had not called back for the CCTV and the first he knew that it was still required was following the objection to this temporary event notice. He was happy to provide CCTV and had received letters of thanks for providing it in the past.  He did not consider it would be workable to ask security to encourage customers to disperse as he would have to move more security from inside the premises to outside.  He had about six or seven security personnel.  He considered that this was a low risk even.  He already had a licence until 2am on Sundays and just wanted an additional 2 ½ hrs.  Security and the DJs had been booked for this event. He stated that there would be a different crowd to this event as the last event had under 21s.  He stated that it would be difficult to change this event at this stage.


In response to questions it was noted that security and DJs had been booked for this event.  Customers had purchased tickets and had been informed of the end time for the event.  It was noted that a promoted birthday party would occur when a birthday party was held but to cover costs friends  ...  view the full minutes text for item 177.