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This page lists the meetings for Executive.


Information about Executive

Members of the Council's Executive provide political leadership and strategic direction for the council, both within individual portfolio responsibilities and as part of the corporate responsibilities of the Executive. They bring a cross-service perspective to the council, encouraging integrated working across service areas focused on the council's political and administrative priorities.


The Executive take an active approach to ensuring that decisions made by the council are informed both politically and administratively and the council's executive decisions are made collectively at Executive meetings.

The Executive are each democratically accountable to the public and are the public face of the council.

The Executive meets at least ten times per year and the meetings are open to the public and press except where confidential matters are being discussed.

The Executive Member responsibility for services is as follows:

Leader – Cllr Kaya Comer-Schwartz

• Overall management

• Resilience and civil emergencies

• Communications and consultation

• Devolution


Deputy Leader and Finance & Performance – Cllr Diarmaid Ward

• Finance, Property, Revenues and Benefits and Pensions

• Performance, Contract Management and Risk management

• Contact Islington and Complaints

• ICT, Procurement, Legal and Human Resources

• Democratic Services, Registrars and Electoral Registration

• Council transformation


Inclusive Economy, Culture & Jobs – Cllr Santiago Bell-Bradford

• Employment and Employment Services

• Lifelong Learning and Skills

• Apprenticeships

• Economic Regeneration and Inclusive Economy

• Small Business support and business relationships

• Green jobs

• Commercial planning

• Arts, Culture and Heritage


Environment, Air Quality & Transport – Cllr Rowena Champion

• Energy, Fuel Poverty and Climate Change

• Refuse, Waste Reduction and Recycling

• Street Scene, Roads and Highways

• Sustainability

• Traffic and Parking

• Major Transport Infrastructure, Road Safety and Transportation

• Improving Air Quality

• People Friendly Streets and promoting walking and cycling

• Parks, Open Spaces and Cemeteries


Equalities, Communities & Inclusion – Cllr Sheila Chapman

• Equalities and community cohesion

• Support for migrants and refugees

• No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) Support Services

• Libraries

• Member development

• Adult early intervention and Fairer Together

• Community Development and Resilience

• Voluntary and Community Sector

• Ward Partnerships and Local Initiative Funding

• Tackling Social Isolation and Loneliness


Homes & Neighbourhoods – Cllr Una O’Halloran

• Housing Management and Maintenance (including Partners for Improvement)

• Private Sector Housing

• Tenant and Resident engagement and representation

• Tenant Management Organisations

• Homelessness

• Delivering new genuinely affordable homes

• Strategic Planning and Development Control


Children, Young People & Families – Cllr Michelline Safi Ngongo

• Early Years and Children’s Centres

• Schools

• Play and Youth Services

• Children’s Social Services and Child Protection

• Tackling child poverty

• Youth Offending Service and Youth Crime


Health & Social Care – Cllr Flora Williamson

• Coronavirus recovery

• Adult Social Services

• Public Health

• Integration of Health and Social Care

• Sport and Leisure

• Tackling food poverty


Community Safety – Cllr John Woolf

• Prevent

• Community Safety and Policing

• Hate crime

• Tackling Domestic Violence and Abuse, and supporting survivors

• Champion for Victims (of crime)

• Public Protection

• Licensing

• Nighttime sector



If you have any questions, please contact:

Mary Green, Principal Executive Officer