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Environment, Climate and Transport Scrutiny Committee

This page lists the meetings for Environment, Climate and Transport Scrutiny Committee.

Information about Environment, Climate and Transport Scrutiny Committee

The purpose of the Council’s scrutiny committees is to review the performance of local services, to scrutinise decisions and actions taken on matters within their terms of reference, to contribute to the review and development of council policy, and to make recommendations to enhance and improve service delivery for residents.


The council’s scrutiny committees will act as a ‘critical friend’, offering constructive challenge to ensure that local services are delivered effectively and efficiently, making the best use of resources. 


In carrying out their work, the committees will have regard to the council’s missions, priorities, and ways of working. Scrutiny Committees will consider the needs and priorities of local people, make use of evidence to inform their findings, examine opportunities for embedding best practice in council services, and will seek to promote equalities, joined up working, and early intervention and prevention approaches.


The Environment, Climate and Transport Scrutiny Committee has oversight of the following functions and services:


Net Zero Carbon, response to the climate emergency, sustainable energy, re-use, recycling, waste reduction and management, cleaner neighbourhoods, people friendly streets, liveable neighbourhoods, highways, trees, parks, open spaces, transport, parking, active travel, active together, physical activity, leisure.


For further information, please contact:


Emma Taylor, Senior Democratic Services Officer