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Quarter 3 Performance Report 2017/18 - Environment


Councillor Webbe, Executive Member for Environment & Transport presented the Q3 Performance Report which set out the corporate performance indicators related to Environment and Transport.

In the discussion the following points were made:

·         Members were advised that the recent ‘Contender’ IT software problems had now been resolved, however missed waste collections data for the first three quarters of 2017/18 is now indicating a steadily improved trend.

·         Quarters 1 to 3 annualised estimated energy cost savings remains strong and ahead of target, mainly due to performance on Warm Home Discount and increased EDF contract funding.

·         The Executive Member for Environment and Transport reported that performance on major applications remain strong in Quarter 3 achieving 100%.

·         Members were advised that there had been a fall in the number of reported fly-tips across all land types and waste types from 4,174 in 2015/16 to 3,011 in 2016/17, however due to the recent contender software problems data from Quarter 1 to 3 was not available for consideration. 

·         With regards to the possibility of achieving the 50% target for recycling and composting set by North London Waste Authority (NLWA), Members were advised that Islington's contribution to the overall target was 35.6% for the year and at present the Council’s rate of recycling was between 29-31%.  Members were informed that other outer boroughs such as Barnet which had dwellings with gardens would be expected to help attain the 50% target due to their high levels of food and garden waste collections.

·         Members were advised that in comparison with other neighbouring boroughs of Camden and Hackney, Islington had similar levels of recycling rates, however was well above other inner London boroughs.

·         Members agreed that the Council would need to consider doing things differently in order to raise the recycling rates especially as the rate of recycling over the last few years had remained the same.

·         The meeting was informed that contamination remains a continuous challenge for local authorities and there is a recognition that more needs to be done regarding public awareness. Members were informed that due to shortfall in funds from central government over the years, local authorities have not be able to undertake awareness campaign.

·         Members were informed of NLWA’s awareness campaign programme to address contamination issues especially as a recent public survey indicated that residents were not aware that nappies were not recyclable.

·         With regards to the amount of missed collections, the Director of Public Realm informed the meeting that the figure represents less than 1% of the 500,000 collections over a year and advised that systems were now in place to address this issue.

·         In response to a suggestion that more information about recycling such as disposal costs vis-a -vis cost of not meeting NLWA's target to residents could raise awareness and increase participation, the Executive Member Environment and Transport advised Members that the cost and savings was not east to ascertain as there were a number of factors to consider such as the levy paid to the broker, the quality and prices of the items collected which vary and the disposal cost. Information on the comparison and cost analysis between boroughs is available for the committee’s consideration.

·         Members were however advised that since the acquisition of the new fleet of Refuse Collection Vehicles(RCV’s), the Council regularly displays messages on the sides of these vehicles to raise public awareness of recycling.

·         In response to a suggestion that Council provide containers and recycling facilities in the open spaces and parks especially in the summer the Executive Member for Environment and Transport indicated that this would be looked into.


·         In response to a question from a member of the public on how many council tenants are eligible for the Mayor of London’s Warmer Homes Scheme, the Executive Member for Environment and Regeneration Scrutiny Committee advised that this she would look into this issue and provide a written response.


1)    That the report be noted.


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