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Moorfields NHS Trust - Performance update


Ian Tombleson and Tim Withers, Moorfields NHS Trust were present and made a presentation to the Committee.


During consideration of the report the following main points were made –


·         Around 250 staff work at Moorfields NHS Trust and the Trust ranks first in staff satisfaction and the quality of work and care they are able to deliver. Staff motivation at work and staff satisfaction with resourcing and support are also at high levels where the Trust requires improvement. In January 2017, the Trust rating placed them in the top third of acute Trusts

·         The turnover of the Trust is £224 m, there were 730,000 patient contacts in 2016/17, across 32 sites. The Trust saw more than 586000 oupatients

·         The CQC action plan had 78 recommendations and the action plan is progressing well with 82% of actions complete

·         The Trust has a 5 year quality strategy with the ambition to deliver outstanding patient care

·         In terms of compliance with key national targets, in A&E there is a 98-99% compliance of meeting the 4 hour target, compliance against the national target on incomplete patient pathway, however the cancer target was narrowly missed 95.7% as against 96% target. Six week diagnostic tests were 100% and on infection control there were no cases year on year of MRSA or C difficile

·         The CQC patient experience quality results were good both in the children’s and young person’s survey and  A&E. The Families and Friends test continues to be very good and the main feedback relates to the length of patient journeys in clinic. There has been a launch of a Patient Participation Survey, in December 2017 which has more activities with patients participating and signposting and recruiting

·         It had been a solid year financially, with a net surplus of £5.7m and satisfactory delivery against CIP’s and commercial performance

·         The use of resources rating remains I  (the best), however expectations for 2018/18 continue to be tough

·         It was noted that the Trust are looking to improve IT systems, in order to improve efficiency

·         It was stated that the Trust recognised that they needed to improve the stress placed on staff, which is often linked to increased workload

·         Reference was made to the Trust moving to the St.Pancras site and that this is progressing well, and it is hoped to go out to public consultation later in the year

·         It was noted that work is being carried out to reduce waiting times and in response to a question it was stated that staggered arrival times had worked well at the Trust’s network sites. However at the City Road site there was still work needed to be done to improve the situation

·         A Member enquired about the CQC findings in relation to patient safety and th WHO surgical checklist. The Trust responded that some staff had been doing their jobs for a number of years, and did not fully appreciate the need for this, however the checklist had meant that there is more team working nd improvements had been made

·         In response to a question it was stated that the Trust had a very good safety record, however the City Road site is an old building with narrow corridors and it is challenging. The Trust is constantly looking at ways that this could be improved



The Chair thanked Ian Tombleson and Tim Withers for attending and for their presentation

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