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Whittington Estates Strategy - Update - Presentation


Sophie Harrison and Stephen Bloomer Whittington Hospital, were present at the meeting, and made a presentation to the Committee, copy interleaved.


During consideration of the report the following main points were made –


·         The Trust priorities include modern, fit for purpose maternity and neo-natal facilities, child centred community facilities, modern community based facilities that support and deliver the integrated closer to home vision and high quality accommodation

·         The Trust is progressing estates management, through the preparation of a Strategic Outline case, including an estate development control plan, by April 2019

·         The Trust is also building on relationships with the GLA, North Central London STP, Haringey and Islington Wellbeing Partnership and the London Estates Board

·         The Trust is also working with Camden and Islington Foundation Trust, to support the delivery of improvements in mental health facilities, and Project Oriel, ( Moorfields) by agreeing to the site of mental health facilities on part of the Whittington Hospital site

·         The Trust will have a strategic outline case (SOC) by April 2019, and as part of this work, the Trust has begun the process of preparing an estate development control plan, and has procured specialist resources to support the work – using SBS framework, mini competition, an architectural led team, and resources will include design, health planning, cost consultancy, and engineering and energy specialists

·         Delivering the SOC will require - presentation of the strategic context, including commissioner support, demonstration of Health Service need, a shortlist of options, including a development control plan, demonstration of affordability, and the presentation of timetable and deliverability

·         The Trust has begun the preparation of the design brief, and a more formal assessment of its current estate, and will begin to engage externally on delivery options in early 2019

·         Delivery of estates transformation will require support from, and engagement with staff, patients, the local communities, commissioners, and health and wellbeing provider partners. A number of more formal relationships/forms of engagement are already in place, including membership of the Haringey and Islington Wellbeing Partnership, and associated pathway groups and estates group, and membership of the North London Partners (NCLSTP), and associated Estates Strategy Board

·         The Trust has a relationship with the GLA, through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding, and through this the GLA will provide strategic housing expertise and advice to the Trust. This support will enable the estate transformation plan to consider the delivery of affordable housing, to meet the aspirations of the draft London Plan, London Housing Strategy, and the L.B.Islington Local Plan

·         Through the H&I Estates Group and the NCL Estates Strategy Board, there is engagement with a range of partner providers, from primary through to tertiary care, to support an integrated approach to estates management

·         The Trust has an agreement with Camden and Islington FT for the use of part of the Whittington Hospital site for the provision of inpatient mental health beds. This will further facilitate the development of the St.Pancras and Moorfields hospital sites

·         In response to a question it was stated that the discontinued contract with Ryhurst is subject to a legal challenge, but the Trust were confident of their position

·         It was stated that the Trust were working in collaboration with NCL to provide oversight and support and that strategies were joined together


The Chair thanked Sophie Harrison and Stephen Bloomer for their presentation

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