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Moorfields NHS Trust Performance update


Ian Tombleson, Director of Quality and Strategy, Tracy Luckett, Director of Nursing and Allied Health Professions, and Johanna Moss, Director of Strategy and Business Development, Moorfields NHS Trust were present, and made a presentation to the Committee, copy interleaved.


During consideration of the report the following main points were made –


·         Around 2350 people work at Moorfields, and it ranks first in staff satisfaction with the quality of work and care delivered. It also ranks first for staff motivation at work, and staff satisfaction with resourcing and support

·         The overall CQC inspection is good – January 2017

·         The 5 year quality strategy started in November 2017, and year 1 delivery examples include check in kiosks to reduce waiting times in clinics, governance framework and customer care training for administrative teams

·         Compliance with national targets – A&E 73022 patients seen this year, and achieving around 98%/99% patients seen within 4 hours

·         Cancer meeting national targets, and six week diagnostic targets met 100%

·         Infection control – year on year no cases of MRSA or c difficile

·         Quality Patient Experience Cancer – Moorfields did particularly well 90% or above. Patients are given a clinical nurse specialist to support them through treatment. Areas for improvement include practical advice about the side effects of treatment, giving information to assist family and carers and all the information to assist them at home, and patients being given a care plan

·         In the Friends and Family test the overall patient experience continues to be good

·         Financial update – finances are currently on target to deliver a surplus of £6.7m, and the use of resources rating remains 1 (the best)

·         Outlook for 2019/20 – Expectations continue to be challenging for 2019/20

·         It was noted that Oriel is the proposal to build a new facility at the site of St.Pancras Hospital in Camden, subject to consultation. If approved, all services from Moorfields on City Road, and UCL Institute of Opthalmology, located on Bath Street in Islington, will be relocated

·         The relocation will provide an opportunity to build a new purpose built centre for world class research, education and excellent care

·         Drivers for change include – more patients will need treatment in future, new techniques and technology to diagnose and treat conditions, blocks in the system, patient feedback, getting it right first time, and potential benefits from the new location

·         As part of the relocation services at St. Pancras Hospital for Camden and Islington, Mental Health patients would move to the Whittington Hospital site, plus there would be investment in community hubs

·         Up to 2 acres of St.Pancras site could be sold to Moorfields Eye Hospital for development of new eye care, and a research and education facility with UCL Institute of Opthalmology, and Moorfields Eye Charity. Moorfields would potentially fund the move from the release of the City Road site

·         St.Pancras Transformation Programme is not reliant on Oriel, however Oriel is reliant on the St.Pancras Transformation programme

·         Evidence has shown that 80% of those surveyed are supportive of the scheme, and there are clear channels of communication for people to have a say

·         In response to a question it was stated that the Trust were taking measures to increase the patient response rate

·         It was noted that two satellite sites were not performing to the same standard as other sites, however action is being taken to improve this

·         Reference was made to the fact that the existing site was an ageing site but was not fit for purpose, and that patient flow around the site is fragmented. iN addition, more patients were being seen year on year

·         Concern was raised over access the St.Pancras site and that this needed to be looked at in terms of access by public transport

·         It was noted that it is intended that all clinical services will be based at the St.Pancras site

·         Reference was made to the fact that a significant part of the funding strategy is dependent on the sale of the City Road site, and consideration is being given to Brexit planning analysis

·         In response to a question it was stated that in relation to recruitment of staff that the Trust were working to reassure their EU staff that the effect of Brexit will be minimal on them

·         Discussion took place as to whether it would be more sustainable for the Trust to stay at the City Road site, however the Trust stated that the City Road site would be much more energy efficient, but the decision taken to move had not been taken lightly. There were mixed views amongst staff concerning the move, but it is not sustainable for the Trust to remain at the City Road site in the longer term



The Chair thanked Ian Tombleson, Tracy Luckett and Johanna Moss for their presentation


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