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Scrutiny Review Household Recycling in Islington - Final Report


The Committee considered the final report and recommendations. The following main points were noted in the discussion:

·         Recommendation 1 should be reworded to make it clearer.

·         ‘Target’ should be replaced with ‘Prioritise’ in recommendation 2.1.

·         “Statutory’ should be deleted from recommendation 5.4 as this implies too severe a restriction on committee report authors.

·         An additional recommendation relating to working with residents be included in the report as residents should play a vital role in decision making issues such as siting and design of bins in conjunction with caretakers.

·         Page 14 of the report concerning Camden’s increased recycling rate should be amended to refer to tonnage rather than percentage. 

·         Members agreed a recommendation to provide all new parents with information about the nappy voucher scheme and method of disposals.

·         With regards to evidence given by both North London Waste Authority and London Resource that changes to fortnightly collections and providing containers to residents would result in an increase in the recycling rates, Members acknowledged that this was not practical especially with Islington’s housing mix and the demographics of the population. 


That subject to the amendments to the recommendations and the inclusion of the two additional recommendations highlighted above, the report be agreed.


Supporting documents: