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Transforming Shared Digital our shared service with Camden and Haringey



Reason for decision – as specified in the report.

Other options considered - none.

Conflicts of interest/dispensations granted – none.


Councillor Hull introduced the report and advised that following consultation and a review of the Shared Digital Service it was proposed that the three councils move towards an amended model, detailed in the report and recommendations.  Councillor Hull also proposed an additional recommendation, detailed below as recommendation 2.11, which the Executive agreed.



2.1       That having considered the results of the consultation set out in paragraph 7 and feedback from Trades Unions, employees and other stakeholders, the the achievements of the shared service (including c. £2.4m of annual savings in the delivery of commodity Digital and ICT services, to be shared equally by the three Councils) and the challenges in achieving strategic alignment with Camden and Haringey, be noted.

2.2       That the recommendations set out in the report to the Executive on 4 January 2018 in respect of the creation of a ‘lean’ Joint Committee model are no longer implemented and that a revised governance model for Shared Digital be adopted as set out in paragraph 2.4, specifically that the Shared Digital Joint Committee cease to exist be agreed and that that Camden host the shared Digital and ICT functions to be transferred from Islington and Haringey councils be agreed.  That Islington, Camden and Haringey will have lead officers in place to oversee their sovereign Digital and ICT services and the Shared Functions delivered by Camden (including their performance against service level agreements (‘SLAs’)) be agreed.

2.3          That any decisions in respect of Shared Digital required to be taken prior to the new arrangements coming into effect on 1 October 2018 (or such later date as may be agreed) will be referred to the Executive rather than the Joint Committee be noted.

2.4          That, pursuant to regulation 5 of the Local Authorities (Arrangements for the Discharge of Functions) (England) Regulations 2012 ('the Regulations') to have those parts of the executive function of Islington's Digital and ICT service and functions specified in paragraphs [ 4.4 and 5.10] ('the Shared Functions') delegated to and discharged by the Executive of the London Borough of Camden in accordance with Camden's constitutional arrangements for decision making, be agreed.

2.5          That Camden be approved as the host Council in respect of the Shared Functions and that the resourcing impact of the proposals as set out in this report, specifically that Islington and Haringey Digital and ICT employees involved in the delivery of the Shared Functions will transfer to Camden from 1 October 2018(as the host authority) under the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (TUPE) be noted and that as a result Camden will be responsible for employing staff engaged to deliver the Shared Functions, be agreed.

2.6          That the dissolution of the Shared Digital Joint Committee from 1 October 2018 with decision-making reverting to existing Islington arrangements be agreed. That decision-making for Shared Functions will be in accordance with Camden’s arrangements be noted.

2.7          That the transfer of services and staff are planned for 1 October 2018 be noted and that, as a result, Camden will be responsible for employing staff engaged to deliver the shared functions be agreed.

2.8          That the Cabinets of Camden and Haringey are also considering a recommendation to delegate to Camden (as the host authority in respect of the Shared Functions) the delivery of the Shared Functions in like terms and that the recommendations set out in this report, will only be implemented if the Cabinets of Camden and Haringey Cabinet agree the equivalent and related recommendations that they are considering, be noted.

2.9          That authority be delegated to the Corporate Director of Resources, in consultation with the Acting Director of Law and Governance, to take all necessary steps to put arrangements for the new governance model into effect as set out in this report, including but not limited to finalising the detailed specifications and resource implications of the Shared Functions, and terms of the inter-authority agreement and any changes to it and for the operation of the 3 way Shared Digital service, be agreed.

2.10       That the creation of Director of Digital Services post at Islington to be funded from the existing sovereign digital budget be agreed.

2.11       That further detailed work is ongoing to ensure the right outcome for Islington both financially and operationally be noted, and that the number of staff to be transferred to the Shared Service being run by Camden Council, under recommendation 2.5 of this report, which is estimated in point 5.16 of the report as 55 staff from Islington, is still subject to further due diligence and negotiation and that the number is expected to reduce, be noted.


Reason for decision – to respond positively to the challenges of strategic alignment, and of balancing integration and local priorities, constraints and pace whilst maintaining the benefits of the shared service.

Other options considered – none, other than as specified in the report.

Conflicts of interest/dispensations granted – none.

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