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Response to the Proposal to Transform Mental Health Services in Camden and Islington


Consideration was given to the report of the Camden and Islington Clinical Commissioning Group and Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust. The response to the consultation document, and the additional information requested at the last meeting of the Committee was presented by Tony Hoolaghan, Chief Operating Officer Haringey and Islington CCG’s, and by Dr.Vincent Kirchner, Medical Director at Camden and Islington Mental Health Trust. In addition, Angela Boon, Head of Engagement, Camden and Islington NSH Trust, Dr.Rathni Ratnavel, GP Mental Health Lead, Islington CCG, Malcolm McFrederick, St.Pancras Transormation Director, Camden and Islington Trust and Richard Lewin, Director of Integrated Commissioning, L.B.Camden were also present


A copy of a letter dated 11 October from Jill Britton from Islington CCG was also laid round


Tony Hoolaghan stated that there had been a full public consultation on the proposals and the results of the consultation were being presented to the Committee

He added that the comments of the Joint Committee on the consultation process would be welcomed.


The proposals for change had emanated from Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust, and the CCG had worked very closely with them


The proposals were to provide a modern purpose built in-patient facility at the Whittington Hospital site, and by developing 2 Community hubs, which would provide a mix of services with a third hub on the existing St. Pancras site


The consultation process had been assisted by the Consultation Institute, which is a not for profit organisation, and they had confirmed that the consultation that had taken place had been good practice.


It was noted that the consultation was carried out from 6 July 2018 to 12 October 2018, which was a fairly lengthy consultation time period, and there was provision made for print versions, braille, easy read versions, online, hard copies etc. The consultation document was also widely distributed, including to those on the Camden and Islington NHS Trust database


There had been also been engagement meetings with voluntary organisations, including hard to reach groups, Camden Healthwatch had been engaged and there had also been 42 engagement meetings held


Vincent Kirchner outlined the results of the consultation process, particularly highlighting the consultation results in relation to the moving of mental health beds from the St.Pancras site to the site by the Whittington Hospital, travel concerns, the Community hubs model and the locations of the hubs


It was stated that it was recognised that there is still work to do, particularly around the Greenland site location proposal


Members were informed that the Trust and CCG would continue to monitor and review the provision of mental health beds and to develop and co-produce the mix of services provided at the hubs


A Member expressed concern that there had been no consultation on the St. Pancras site and that there had not been a sufficient response, in her view, to the issues that had arisen following the previous meeting of the Joint Committee


Tony Hoolaghan stated that he would ensue a detailed response was sent in relation to the specific points raised at the previous meeting of the Joint Committee


The Joint Committee stated that they recognised the work that had taken place on the consultation and congratulated the CCG’s and Camden and Islington NHS Trust on the extent of the engagement


It was stated that the CCG’s would be meeting on 20 December to consider the results of the consultation process and agree the way forward


Members noted that this was a public meeting and that the notes of the meeting will be made available on the Trust and CCG’s websites


A Member enquired whether employees of mental health services had been engaged in the consultation process and it was stated that there had been discussion with staff over many years, although only 5% of the survey responses had been from employees. It was added that it was felt that employees were aware of the need for change and employees would be involved in the future development of services to be provided


Discussion took place as to the accessibility by public transport to the Whittington site proposed and it was noted that discussions are taking place with TfL, and that the No4 bus and Archway station made the site fairly accessible and that the development of hubs would provide more local accessibility. In addition, the proposed site for the mental health beds is nearby to the Whittington A&E, which is on a fairly flat level site, and that there is a bus stop nearby. In addition, patients would be getting more community based facilities for treatment and less time as an in patient


In response to a question it was stated that work would continue on the development and site of the hubs, although it was noted that the Lowther Road site proposal was more popular than the one at Greenland Road, and the site for an additional Hub would continue to be looked at. There is a commitment to consult stakeholders and work with providers in relation to this


Concern was expressed at the 18-25 year old age group, and it was stated that work is still being carried out to look at this population group, although it was noted that the under 18 age group were not covered by this proposal and was the responsibility of another service


Reference was made to the specific service in Camden relating to the18-25 age group called the Mind the Gap, and that if Members required details of this they could be forwarded to them


In response to a question it was stated that there is a commitment to maintain the existing number of beds, but the intention is to provide additional services in the hubs, as it is felt that this is the most appropriate provision in most cases. Specialist teams would also be working in GP surgeries and further satellite sites would be looked at.


It was also noted that services would be developed with population growth in mind and the demographics of the borough, and stakeholders would be involved in such discussions. Models of care would be looked at and, if necessary there would be further engagement on that


Members were informed that Camden and Islington had a higher number on mental health in patient’s beds than other boroughs


Discussion took place on the Estates Strategy and it was stated that as the St.Pancras site is in a conservation area, discussions were taking place with Camden Planning Department


The Committee noted that with regard to the St.Pancras site, work was taking place with CNWL on the south wing of the site. However, it was anticipated that all services currently provided would be re-provided on the existing site or nearby. However, if there were significant changes proposed there would be further consultation


Reference was made to the Healthwatch Camden report and that this should be circulated to Members of the Committee


Concern was also expressed at whether there were significant numbers of children having to access treatment outside the borough and it was stated that this information would be provided to Members of the Committee


In response to a question it was stated that with regard to social housing at the St.Pancras site, that  it was proposed that any surplus land on the St.Pancras site would be developed for housing, and social housing provided would be in accordance with the Mayor of London and L.B.Camden policies and that account would be taken of the consultation process


The Committee stated that they wished to congratulate the Trust and the CCG on the consultation process, and that they hoped that the provision of services in the Hubs would be community centred, and that the voluntary sector would be involved in such discussions


With regard to the Estates Strategy for the St.Pancras hospital site, Members expressed the view that, whilst patients and service users had been consulted on the proposals, the Estates strategy for the St.Pancras Hospital site was wider than this, and there was a need for the Trust  to engage residents in the area and to achieve an excellent scheme, and the Committee felt that  the same level of engagement should be applied and achieved, as had been carried out for the provision of mental health services




(a)  That the Chair of the JOHSC and the Joint Committeediscuss the most appropriate way forward to deal with the issue of the Moorfields consulation relocation plans to the St.Pancras site

(b)  That the CCG be requested to circulate a full response to the letter sent to them, following the previous meeting of the Joint Committee held on 9 October 2018

(c)   That the Healthwatch Camden report, referred to above, be circulated to Members of the Joint Committee

(d)  That the Camden and Islington CCG be requested to liaise with Democratic Services to discuss progress on the St.Pancras site, and further consultation in relation to the Estates Strategy, with a view to reporting back to the appropriate Committee at a future stage

(e)  That the Joint Committee be provided with figures for the number of children being transferred outside the boroughs for mental health services



The Chair thanked Tony Hoolaghan, Vincent Kirchner, Malcolm McFrederick, Angela Boon, Dr.Rathini Ratnavel and Richard Lewin for attending                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     







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