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75 Hanley Road, London, N4 3DQ


Erection of a ground and first floor extensions to the rear of the existing D1 building and associated external alterations including perimeter timber fencing and canopy to rear play area and associated alterations.


(Planning application number: P2018/3395/FUL)


In the discussion the following points were made:

·         The Planning Officer advised that no updates had been received since agenda was published. Members were advised that property is not situated within a conservation area, nor does it contain any locally or statutorily listed buildings.

·         In terms of land use, the proposal involves extensions to the rear of the property at ground floor and first floor and associated alterations to facilitate additional D1 floor space to allow for the use of the site as a children’s day nursery for a total of 98 children between the ages of 0-4 years old and 25 members of staff.

·         In terms of design, the Planning Officer advised that the proposed extensions will be limited to the rear of the building to a depth of approximately 1.9m at both ground and first floor levels. In terms of their width, the extensions would be sited either side of the buildings circulation core, each at approximately 6.8m. Members were advised that the extension would remain sympathetic to the overall character of Hanley Gardens and would not compromise any relationship between the host property and its surrounds.

·         Members were informed that the proposal would include the installation of a canopy above the outdoor play area no.3 to the rear of the property, details to be secured by a condition in the planning permission. In addition the waste storage area will be situated to the rear of the site, details also to be secured by a condition.

·         Members heard from a neighbouring resident who had concerns about the proposal. Issues raised include over development of the site; noise disturbance from the outdoor play area 3, impact on the amenity of the existing residents of Hanley Gardens; overlooking and loss of privacy and additional parking which the scheme would attract to Hanley Gardens and surrounding streets. In addition, residents were concerned that their private road will be used as collection and refuse area.

·         Objector was concerned that the provision in the area is not supported by evidence of a demand for the service and that the proposal would impact the amenity of elderly residents with a wide range of need and support.

·         In response to objector’s concern, the applicant informed the meeting that the provision of a nursery in the north of the borough addresses the demand of working families and caters for a wide range of children and the diverse population. Members were advised that the safety of both neighbouring residents and the children remains paramount and was taken into consideration while designing the scheme.

·         With regards to amenity concerns especially noise, the meeting was advised that the erection of a canopy below the flats would mitigate any potential noise from children in the play area. On parking concerns, meeting was informed that although there is significant parking in the wider area it is envisaged that parents will be using public transport especially as the scheme does not provide parking space. In addition, the school has facilities for parents to drop off their buggies before going off to work and the drop off and pick up times will be staggered.

·         In response to concerns about the use of the adjacent private road by refuse collection vehicles and delivery arrangements, the agent advised that all collections and deliveries would be from the rear of the site. With regards to the disposal of nappies, the agent indicated that this will be handled in the best and tested operational manner which occurs at its other similar operations, a system of wrapping nappies that prevents the smell being a nuisance and importantly it has arrangements for 3 collections every week.

·         During deliberations, members acknowledged the parking concerns of residents of Hanley Garden especially being a private road and not subject to parking restrictions. In addition, members noted that reassurance will be required regarding the refuse and recycling collection arrangements and suggested that additional wording should be included in condition 4 stating that there should be no servicing of refuse collection other than from Hanley Road.  


Councillor Convery proposed a motion to amend condition 4 regarding the refuse and recycling arrangements as stated above. This was seconded by Councillor Clarke and carried.




That following consideration of the case officer’s report (the assessment and recommendations therein), the presentation to Committee, submitted representations and objections provided verbally at this meeting, planning permission be granted subject to the conditions set out in Appendix 1 of the officer report.


Reworded CONDITION 04: Details of refuse/recycling store(s) and refuse management plan shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority prior to the first occupation of the development hereby approved.


The refuse/recycling store (s) and refuse management plan shall be provided strictly in accordance with the details so approved, provided/erected prior to the first occupation of the development, and maintained as such thereafter into perpetuity.


The refuse management plan should detail the following for approval in writing by the LPA:


a)    Details of the final secured refuse contractor and refuse management plan to be used by this operator at 75 Hanley Road including confirmation in writing from the applicants through any agreed contract with the refuse contractor to detail that there shall be no servicing of the site for refuse storage or collection from Hanley Gardens but only from Hanley Road.


REASON: To ensure adequate refuse/recycling is provided and easily accessible and to safeguard adjoining resident’s amenity levels.


Supporting documents: