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89-91 Mildmay Park, N1 4NB


Erection of a part four/part five storey building (following demolition of existing single storey building (165sqm use D1 (clinic)) to allow for the creation of 7x self-contained residential flats (use C3) (3x 1bedroom units and 4x 2bedroom units) and ground floor (154sqm) chiropody/dental clinic (use D1).


(Planning application number: P2020/0937/FUL)

Councillor Kay left the meeting during consideration of this item and therefore did not take part in the discussion or vote on this item


In the discussion the following points were made:

·         The Planning Officer advised that site is not listed but is located immediately south of the Newington Conservation Area. The proposal introduces a part four, part five storey building to the site which is in close proximity to the south facing windows of the residential properties in Hathersage Court.

·         The Planning Officer reminded members that in January 2019, planning permission was granted for Hathersage and Beasant Court (ref: P2018/1970/FUL) and a separate application to committee in July 2019 was refused on grounds of inappropriate massing, poor quality design and the impact of the scheme on the character and appearance of the conservation area which the present application seeks to address.

·         With regards to land use consideration, the Planning Officer acknowledged the net loss of 11sqm of D1 floorspace, however the reprovision of high quality D1 floorspace in the scheme measured at 154sqm complies with policy DM 4.12 of the Islington Development Management Policy 2013. Members were reminded that the provision and continued use of the chiropodist and dental surgery is considered as providing both social and economic benefit to the community.

·         Meeting was advised that in terms of design and conservation concerns, the scheme is considered acceptable by the Design Officers. On the issue relating to form, bulk, and size of the new proposal, the Planning Officer acknowledged that it was similar to block K of an extant planning permission of 2018.

·         The Planning Officer noted that concerns regarding the elevations have now been addressed, that with the front elevation, the design is acceptable and with the rear elevation balconies and terraces are to be sited further away from the neighbours.

·          In terms of neighbouring amenity, a daylight sunlight assessment was submitted which indicated that 8 windows closest to the proposed development has transgressions in excess of BRE guidelines, however this correlates with the findings for Block K which has planning permission.

·         A neighbouring resident was concerned with the size of the building as it towers over the neighbouring block of Victorian properties.

·         In response, the agent informed the meeting that following the refusal of its previous application in July 2019, the team contacted planning team and submitted a pre-application proposal, taking on board the concerns raised which has now resulted in a well designed and acceptable mixed use development of high quality which retains sufficient D1 floor space and a new residential floorspace to create 7 new units. In addition, members were reminded that the application would secure the requisite financial contribution towards affordable housing.

·         In response to objections about the scale of the building, the agent reiterated that this was a smaller building in comparison to the building that was granted planning permission in January 2019 and reminding members that this is to be considered within an urban site.


Councillor Poyser proposed a motion to grant planning permission. This was seconded by Councillor Woolf and carried.




That following consideration of the case officer’s report (the assessment and recommendations therein), the presentation to Committee, submitted representations and objections provided verbally at this meeting, planning permission be granted subject to the conditions and informatives set out in Appendix 1 of the officer report and subject to the prior completion of a Deed of

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