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COVID 19 - Staffing update


No pro Linzi Roberts- Egan, Chief Executive was present and outlined the report. Alan Grant Human Resources was also present


During consideration of the report the following main points were made -

·         From 2 April – 25 August on average up to 60% Council staff were working from home. Currently 48% of staff continue to work from home

·         As of 8 September the proportion of staff unable to work is 12%

·         The impact on non-critical services has remained similar throughout the period,  with an average of 56% of services reporting as performing as normal,

and 32% of services reporting performance at a reduced level

·         Staff that are working at home, in order to facilitate the Government’s social distancing restriction guidelines, have been enabled by the Council’s Digital Services department and this will continue

·         The Corporate Performance Indicator shows that there has been no loss of productivity, however some indicators have shown a decline because that particular service or function could not be delivered at the height of the pandemic

·         Communicating with staff – video conferencing calls such as Zoom and MS Teams have been invaluable, and staff have been supported through any measures introduced, and the shift to home working has seen a significant change in the way managers’ support and lead teams remotely

·         Noted that the newly established ‘Challenging Inequality Programme’ sets out an ambitious plan of work to improve race equality, including support for Black and ethnic minority people, and other disadvantaged groups through this time

·         All sites are COVID safe for staff who have to work from a Council building, and individual risk assessments carried out

·         In anticipation of a second wave, the Council has undertaken a series of lessons learned reflective exercises to ensure it can respond quickly and effectively as possible

·         In response to a question it was stated that 4 workforce surveys had been carried out, and the responses had been good, with one survey being responded to by 50% of the workforce

·         Reference was made as to whether the Council were able to measure productivity of staff working from home, and the Chief Executive stated that digital services had made managers aware of some instances of poor performance, however most staff were performing well, and more details of the grading system could be supplied to the next meeting

·         A Member congratulated the Chief Executive and staff on the arrangements put in place, however working from home is not always efficient

·         Reference was made to whether Islington would have a COVID 19 testing centre, and it was stated that work is taking place on this, and it is anticipated that a testing centre would be opened within the next week or so, and that Councillors would be notified when this is to happen

·         In response to a question it was stated that a more detailed report on the Be Islington Brand would be submitted to the next meeting



(a)  That Members be informed when a date is known for the opening of the COVID testing centre referred to above

(b)  That the Chief Executive be requested to report to the next meeting with a report detailing the Be Islington Brand and details of the grading system referred to above


The Chair thanked Linzi Roberts-Egan for attending

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