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2019/20 Corporate Performance Report


David Hodgkinson, Director of Corporate Resources was present and outlined the report. Corporate Directors, Maxine Holdsworth, Julie Billett, Carmel Robinson, Keith Townsend were also present


During consideration of the report the following main points were made –


·         Noted that COVID 19 had had an impact on the delivery of new homes, however there were 13 schemes on site that were due for completion by Xmas

·         Rough sleeping – additional funding has been made available to work with rough sleepers who had received support and accommodation. It was stated that details of the rough sleeping programme could be circulated to Members

·         Rent arrears have risen since COVID

·         A Member stated that it was good that the new build programme is continuing to provide social housing for rent. However, the Member stated that he was concerned that Housing Associations seemed to be reducing their properties that were available

·         The Corporate Director Housing responded that both the Council and Housing Associations lost a number of properties for Right to Buy each year, however the Council were working with Peabody on the Holloway Prison site, however if the Member provided details of Housing Associations that were reducing their stock of social housing for rent she would investigate these

·         In response to a question, it was stated that progress of work on fire door safety had been impacted by COVID as contractors had furloughed staff, however work had restarted, and cyclical works had been on site throughout the pandemic. It was stated that details of fire safety works could be provided to the Committee

·         Youth Crime – noted that only 7 young people had been given custodial sentences whereas the target was 25, and  this is a good improvement on the target figure

·         In respect of child care there had been a 70% uptake from low income families due to effective targeting, and there had been a reduction in knife crime injuries

·         Robbery and youth violence had reduced during lockdown, however this is now increasing. This reduction was felt to be due to young people not being on the streets as much during lockdown

·         Domestic violence had increased during lockdown by 7%, and there had been increased reporting to domestic violence charities for support, rather than the Police

·         In response to a question as to the reasons for the high number for fixed period secondary exclusions, and the levels of absence, it was stated that some of the data was out of date, and that there had been significant strategies put in place to reduce the number of fixed term exclusions, as a result of the Scrutiny Review carried out by Children’s Services Committee. The number of black/Caribbean boys excluded had been significantly reduced. In terms of absence, work had been carried out with schools, and 93.6% of children were in school during the first week of re-opening after COVID restrictions were changed

·         Planning – good performance on processing planning applications, missed bin collections, and provision of on street cycling facilities

·         Challenges – provision of on street electric charging points, as it is difficult to find suitable locations. Leisure centre visits were also down due to COVID, and the target for recycling is slightly under target

·         In response to a question, it was stated that it is not felt residents behaviour on recycling had changed as a result of the COVID pandemic

·         Public Health – good progress was being made in regard to health checks, and reducing smoking. There is a challenge in regard to reducing substance misuse, especially alcohol and drug misuse completion rates and that these needed to be improved

·         The impact of COVID is not known at present, however with regard to rough sleepers, being given accommodation has meant that it is easier for treatments to be delivered

·         In response to a question, it was stated that anecdotally alcohol consumption had increased during lockdown, but this is difficult to quantify at present



That the Corporate Director Housing be requested to inform the Committee of details of the rough sleeping programme, and the fire safety programme


The Chair thanked David Hodgkinson, Maxine Holdsworth, Carmel Littleton, Julie Billett and Keith Townsend for attending

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