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Agenda item

Performance Report - Quarter 2


Councillor Satnam Gill, Executive Member Finance and Performance and Ayesha Hakim Rahman, Head of Strategy and Change were present for discussion of the Quarter 2 Well Run Council item


Councillor Sue Lukes, Executive Member for Pandemic Response, and Keith Stanger, Service Manager for Community Safety and Crime Reduction


During consideration of the report the following main points were made –


Well Run Council


·         A Member enquired as to the profile/demographic of those residents in arrears on Council Tax, and also of businesses in business rate arrears


Crime Statistics


·         Noted that the crime statistics had improved however there was no room for complacency given the recent tragic death of a young person

·         Good work has taken place in relation to domestic violence during lockdown, however there had been a rise in hate crime

·         There had been positive multi agency work in crime hotspots

·         A Member stated that drug crime has been rising, particularly in certain areas of the borough, and that mobile CCTV, when put in place, alleviates the problem, however when it is removed the problem returns. Drug crime is also related to other forms of crime, and there needed to be more action taken to identify and prosecute criminals

·         Reference was made to the fact that drug dealing was linked to gang crime, and that residents did not feel safe, despite improving statistics. The lack of effective neighbourhood policing exacerbated this. It was stated that there is funding available to upgrade CCTV in the borough, and a mobile CCTV van would shortly be available. ASB is reducing due to better partnership working, however more residents were at home, and this could be a reason for more crime being noticed. The CCTV offer in the borough is excellent, in comparison to other boroughs, and it was noted that upgrades were taking place, with mobile CCTV being focused on hot spot areas. Police CCTV also is available, however sharing of information by the Police on these cameras siting needs to be improved, and a multi-agency approach taken

·         It was noted that work is taking place in some hotspots, and that the EC1 newsletter was being produced to increase local intelligence and also to increase actions to combat crime, and to inform residents of the work taking place

·         In terms of neighbourhood policing, it was stated that there had been an increase of new Police officers in the borough, however these were new officers just from training college, and they needed to understand how to interact with communities, and engage with local Ward Partnerships and Safer Neighbourhood Boards

·         A Member referred to the huge increase in drug use/related crime in the EC1 area. This is affecting residents, particularly over the Xmas period in the Bunhill ward area. Concern was expressed that 14 people could have lost their lives, and that Peabody Housing Association, had failed to take appropriate action to address problems, and there needed to be more co-operation between Housing Associations and the Council. Incidents had been logged with the Council’s Triage system and Peabody and no action had been taken. Residents had no confidence that crime  was reducing, despite statistics showing that they had reduced. Communication with residents needed to be improved in order to improve local intelligence to deal with crime,  and increase the confidence of residents. Drug dealing and crime in EC1 was not acceptable, and a cross-borough strategy was needed, as crime does not stop at borough boundaries

·         Reference was made to trafficking/modern day slavery/far right crime,  and that this should be included in future reports

·         In response to a statement as to crime in Mildmay Ward, and that residents did not feel safe. Councillor Lukes stated that different patterns of behaviour were being exhibited during lockdown, however she was concerned at the lack of co-operation with some of the larger Housing Associations on criminality. Cross border work is also taking place with L.B.Hackney in relation to crime in Mildmay ward

·         It was noted that Ward Partnerships and Ward Councillors would be provided in future with statistics on crime in their wards on a comparative basis






(a)  That details of modern day slavery/trafficking/far right crime be provided in future reports following discussion with the Executive Member Health and Social Care


(b)  That Councillor Gill be requested to provide the information requested above in relation to Council Tax/Business rates arrears to Members of the Committee





The Chair thanked Councillors Gill and Lukes and Keith Stanger and Ayesha   Hakim Rahman for attending

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