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43-53 Brewery Road Islington London N7 9QH


Replacement and extension of rear portion of building at ground and first floors, creation of larger loading bay at ground floor facing Brandon Road, extension of building at second, third and partial fourth and fifth floors, re-cladding of front and rear elevations and provision of lift run and plant on roof, in association with use of building for Class B8 (self-storage) purposes


(Planning application number: P2020/1891/FUL)

·         The Planning Officer advised that site is within the Vale Royal & Brewery Locally Significant Industrial Site and is currently occupied by self-storage facility.

·         Site is surrounded by residential accommodation, old converted public house which is now in use as a house of multiple occupation (HMO). South of the site, the area is mainly characterised by industrial and warehouse buildings typical of the industrial area although there are a number of residential buildings in close proximity which need to be taken into consideration. 

·         Members were advised that the scheme was deferred in 2019, for further sunlight and daylight considerations which includes details of the internal layout and room sizes for the properties at Simla Court.

·         Members were reminded that as with the deferred application, the proposal still aims to retain its B8 use with the proposal seeking to extend the storage capacity of the building as well as enhancing and upgrading the existing facilities.

·         The proposal involves a 2,452sqm (GIA) uplift in B8 floor space creating a total of 5,650 sqm over the 5 floors of the new building which will serve to successfully support and enhance the functions  of the Vale Royal/Brewery Road Locally Significant Industrial Site (LSIS)

·         The scheme is considered to be a sustainable form of development in terms of energy efficiency, renewable energy and the provision of sustainable forms of transport. The scheme will not result in undue implications of the surrounding highway network in terms of loading/unloading and servicing and delivery .

·         The Planning Officer advised members that no on site vehicle parking is proposed, that the six car loading bays and two panel van/box van loading bays being provided would be for the sole use of customers loading/unloading in association with the main storage business use.

·         In terms of design and appearance, the Planning Officer advised that the proposed five storeys is appropriate in height, that in terms of the Brewery Road street scene, the proposed development would stand approximately 5 metres taller than the adjacent London Taxi Company building and align with the height of the recently approved scheme at 55-61 Brewery Road. In addition the scheme proposed plant and lift overrun would be set back from the front elevation and would only be visible from longer views.

·         With regard to the rear of the building, the floorplates on the second/third floors would include stepped setbacks from Brandon Road. The Planning officer advised that design of the rear elevation is successful in that it serves to reduce the overall bulk and massing of the rear sections of the building and to mitigate daylight impacts on neighbouring properties.

·         In terms of the impact of the proposal on neighbouring amenity, the Planning Officer stated that the main concern relates to  Simla Court and  located to the north.   The officer advised that there would be some reduction in daylight to these properties but the extent of the impacts to daylight amenity were not considered so significant as to warrant the refusal of planning permission on these grounds.

·         A suggestion about the provision of EV charging point in the loading bay was welcomed by the applicant. This was seconded by Cllr Klute    


Councillor Klute proposed a motion to grant planning permission subject to the applicants agreement to installing EV charging points in loading bays. This was seconded by Councillor Khondoker and carried.




That following consideration of the case officer’s report (the assessment and recommendations therein), the presentation to Committee, submitted representations, planning permission be granted subject to the conditions and informatives set out in Appendix 1 of the officer report and subject to the prior completion of a Deed of Planning Obligation made under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 securing the heads of terms as set out in Appendix 1 of the officer report.


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