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Hostel and Premises, 38-44 Islington Park Street, London N1 1PX


Change of use of existing HMO (House of Multiple Occupation) to allow for the creation of 7 no. self-contained residential units (3 no. 1-bed flats, 1 no. 2 bed flats, 2 no. 3 bed houses and 1 no. 5 bed house). Excavation at lower ground floor level to increase the floor to ceiling heights and enlarge existing rear lightwells. Alterations to front and rear elevations including installation of metal railings, new access gates and proposed landscaping, refuse and cycle parking provision, and other associated works.


(Planning application number: P2019/2651/FUL)


Cllr Klute, Poyser, Convery, and Clarke  were involved in the consideration of this item on the basis they were members of the committee that originally considered the application.


In the discussion the following points were made:

·       The Planning officer informed the meeting that since the publication of the agenda, additional representations had been received however no new issues were raised except in relation to reinstating the highway conditions in the Head of Terms.

·       Meeting was advised that between the granting of Planning permission and issuing of the decision notice, additional representations had been received raising a number of concerns with the proposal, including the request for a revised Site Location Plan and the proposed ground floor plan showing alterations to the position of the proposed refuse and cycle storage, which has been submitted and further consultation carried.

·       The Planning Officer advised that 6 objections were received from neighbours, representations which are noted in paragraph 6.5 of the report and that in response applicant has made changes notably that No 38 Islington Park Street is now included within the boundary and changes to the ground floor plan relates to the location of the refuse storage and cycle storage to the 3 houses on the left hand side of the site and the flats within No 44.

·       Another area of concern is in relation to the access through the site via Islington Park Street to the rear, with neighbouring residents describing it as a right of way. In response the Legal Officer advised that the access route at the rear is not a public right of way and therefore no highway implications for the committee to consider.

·       Meeting was advised of the relocation of the refuse storage for the 3 houses to the front and the refuse storage of the flats to be retained to the rear but set back from the rear gardens. The cycle storage has been submitted as part of the application and has been conditioned.

·       Another resident living next to the application site raised concerns about the location of the bin storage at No 38 and its impact on  listed railings.

·       Another neighbouring resident requested committee  refuse granting permission on grounds of plans to pave over large parts of the green space of the property to the rear of the family which is out of character to other properties in the area.

·       Objector was concerned that despite assurances regarding the siting of the bins and bicycle storage units to the front by Planning officers, it was disappointing that officer recommendations to the applicant had not been adopted in the latest revised proposal

·       Another resident highlighted concern about the secluded bike storage in light of the prevailing anti-social behaviour activities in the area and level of noise that the scheme will attract.

·       In response the agent reiterated that the essence of the scheme is to bring back a vacant building into use for social rented housing.

·       With regard to the listed building concerns, the agent advised that there are no proposals to introduce brick work despite its presence on the drawing plans, that issues around external boundary treatment and bin stores will be addressed via conditions to ensure that it is sympathetic to the frontage of the property.

·       With regard to the siting of refuse and bicycle storage, the agent reiterated that although not privy to communications between planning officers and residents, it was agreed from a practical point that the front of the house would not be big enough to accommodate useable bicycles storage and refuse storage. An option on whether bicycles could be taken through the houses was considered but it was noted that there is no linear route through the house so not regarded as a suitable option.

·       In terms of seclusion and crimes, the agent reiterated that One Housing Group is willing to consider putting additional measures in place to help reduce crime in the area such as lighting.

·       Members were reminded that refuse and cycle parking is a necessary part of providing quality housing accommodation, reassuring the committee that as landlords, One Housing Group will be managing the property so it will ensure it is used properly and address any anti- social concerns.

·       On the practicality of relocating the refuse bin to the front for collection, meeting was advised that refuse collection is normally through the access route at the rear boundary of the property, reminding members that 3 of the refuse will be to the front and the

large refuse bins for the flats will be at the rear.

·       With regard to the history of the bin layout, Planning Officer acknowledged previous correspondence with the residents but reiterated that having considered its impact on the Barnsbury Conservation area and the size of the units and space available it was considered that the proposed siting was the best option, reminding members that there is no policy requirement to site such units in the front of the property.

·       In response to concerns of the impact of the bins on the railings of No 36, the Chair proposed a motion requesting that the bins be moved at least 900mm away from the boundary. This motion was seconded by Councillor Clarke and was agreed that the wording of condition 6 be amended by officers to reflect this motion.

·       During deliberation, the chair welcomed the materiality of the condition as suggested by the applicant, and that considering the footprint of the units and the space it will take up, it would not be appropriate to put both units in the front especially with the height of the units and its impact on Barnsbury Conservation Area.

·       A member welcomed the scheme stating that in light of recent trends in the borough where houses are converting their front gardens into drive ways, the siting of cycle storages in front of properties would be ideal for cycle security, discourage car ownership and encourage more cycling.

·       Members agreed to delegate the wording of condition 6 to officers in order to mitigate impact of the proposal on the railing of No 36 resident and that the refuse bins for No 44 be relocated to the front of the property.


Councillor Klute proposed a motion to grant planning permission. This was seconded by Councillor Clarke and carried.





That following consideration of the case officer’s report (the assessment and recommendations therein), the presentation to Committee, submitted representations and objections provided verbally at this meeting, planning permission be granted subject to the conditions and informatives set out in Appendix 1 of the officer report and amended condition stated above; and subject to the prior completion of a Deed of Planning Obligation made under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 securing the heads of terms as set out in Appendix 1 of the officer report


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