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Greek Taverna, 156A Seven Sisters Road, N7 7PL - Premises licence variation


The Licensing Officer introduced all parties to the application, which was for a variation premises license under the Licensing Act 2003. The License was to allow the sale of alcohol, on the premises only, between 11:00 and 01:00 Fridays and Saturdays. The provision of late-night refreshment, Fridays and Saturdays, from 23:00 to 01:00 and premises opening hours, Fridays and Saturdays, from 23:00 to 01:00.


The applicant had agreed conditions with the Metropolitan Police and the Council’s Noise Team, so those representations were withdrawn, and conditions agreed were included in the operating schedule. There were five representations received from residents. None attended the hearing.


The applicant’s agent explained the variation to extend opening hours to 1am on Fridays and Saturdays was due to increased demand, with many people wanting to eat later. The application was not asking for vertical drinking or regulated entertainment.


It was explained that issues with a previous license holder had led to the license being revoked in 2014. At the time the premises was a nightclub. This was a new licensee, who had held the license for the preceding eight months. The premises was a high-end eatery that had not had any issues since the applicant had held the license.  The applicant was sympathetic to the concerns of residents, caused by issues near to the premises, but it was explained that the new licensee had five other successful businesses.


The Sub-Committee considered how the applicant would engage with residents. The applicant’s agent explained that a number of residents ate at the premises and the license holder was happy to provide them with his personal number. He was also trying to join the local pub watch.


The Sub-Committee also considered staffing, noise control and safety. The applicant explained that to mitigate against issues caused by noise an additional set of windows had been installed to stop noise leakage. Additionally, only background music would be played on the premises. The restaurant catered for a maximum of 30 people but if a large number were expected there was enough staff to implement a dispersal policy.


In response to whether alcohol could be bought on the premises to take away. The applicant explained they had only applied for on sales and would need to apply for a variation to the license to provide offsales.  Responding to a question on a diagram in the application which suggested there would be a bar the applicant’s agent said it was a service area for dispensing food and drink, there would be no drinking at the ‘bar’.


In summary the agent highlighted that the applicant was sympathetic to residents, was an established businessman, had an achievable operating schedule in place and would be an asset to the area and residents.


The Chair informed those present that the legal advisor would inform them if legal advice was provided during the decision making.



The Sub-Committee decided to grant the application for a premises licence variation in respect of Greek Taverna, 156a Seven Sisters Road, N7 7PL to allow


1) The sale of alcohol, on the premises only, Fridays and Saturdays from 11am to 1 am.

2) The provision of late night refreshment, Fridays and Saturdays from 11am to 1 am

3) The premises to be open to the public, Fridays and Saturdays from 11am to 1.30.


Conditions detailed on pages 53 to 55 of the agenda shall be applied to the licence.



This meeting was facilitated by Zoom.


The Sub-Committee listened to all the evidence and submissions and read all the material. The Sub-Committee reached the decision having given consideration to the Licensing Act 2003, as amended, and its regulations, the national guidance and the Council’s Licensing Policy.


The Sub-Committee took into consideration Licensing Policies 2 & 3. The premises fall within the Finsbury Park and Holloway cumulative impact area. Licensing policy 3 creates a rebuttable presumption that applications for the grant or variation of premises licences which are likely to add to the existing cumulative impact will normally be refused following the receipt of representations, unless the applicant can demonstrate in the operating schedule that there will be no negative cumulative impact on one or more of the licensing objectives.


Five local resident objections had been received. There had been no representations made by the responsible authorities. No resident attended the hearing.


The Sub-Committee noted that the hours sought were one hour outside the policy specified in licensing policy 6. The premises would not be alcohol led, the application was for on sales only and these sales had to be ancillary to a meal at a table. No vertical drinking would be permitted. Conditions were agreed between the applicant and the Noise Team and Police which the Sub-Committee found to be satisfactory.


The Sub-Committee was satisfied that the comprehensive operating schedule demonstrated high standards of management and that the proposed use, with the extensive conditions agreed, meant that the premises would not add to the cumulative impact.


The Sub-Committee was satisfied that granting the premises licence was proportionate and appropriate to the promotion of the licensing objectives.



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