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Support the proposed development of the Nag's Head Market

We the undersigned petition the council to approve the development of 'The Upper Place' at Nag's Head Market.

We, the residents of the Nag’s Head locale, are writing in support of the proposed development of the Nag’s Head Market. We have been notified that a mezzanine level is to be added to the market to provide additional food stalls.

We consider that it would bring prosperity to the neighbourhood and enhance community spirit. This is very important when many more of us are spending more time at home and while our economy is under considerable strain.

We request that we the residents be properly consulted on this development and that you take note of our support. We consider that the market traders should also be involved in public consultations, since they – like us – are relevant stakeholders. We understand some meetings have already taken place; please invite us all to the next one so that our views are properly considered.

One request we have at this time is to introduce traffic calming measures in the neighbourhood, particularly in Arthur Road, Pakeman Street, Roden Road and Mayton Street (known locally as the “3 streets” neighbourhood), and Hertslet Road. This will protect the health and safety of local residents. It will also be a cost-effective and efficient fix for the Council.

Please therefore look on the planning proposal favourably and consider our reasonable proposals for traffic calming measures.

Many thanks and kind regards

The Residents of the Nag’s Head neighbourhood

This ePetition ran from 27/06/2020 to 10/08/2020 and has now finished.

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