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Shaolin Temple UK seeking a permanent home in Tufnell Park,North London

We the undersigned petition the council to Support Shaolin Temple UK to get a permanent home at: 207A Junction Road N19 5Qa

1. To seek London Underground's (LU) permission to sell the property at Tufnell Park to the Shaolin Temple, Martial Arts, Health & Cultural Centre where currently it is being occupied on a short term lease

2. Prior to Shaolin Temple's occupation in 1998, the property was in a dire state of neglect. The site was derelict, unoccupied and constantly vandalised. Due to its state of disuse, LU gladly offered Shaolin a 10-year lease with an initial rent-free period.
3. Since Shaolin took over, we have improved the existing site with further additions and extensions making the site larger and also enabling us to stage more activities like free meditation classes, boxing, tai chi, holistic medical/treatment and yoga classes besides mainstream martial arts. We also run community outreach workshops with front-line organisations that work with kids from disadvantaged backgrounds.
4. However, we believe it is time to grow the Shaolin Temple and allow it to reach its fullest potential in the community. We need to increase our outreach programmes, activities and grow as a one-stop destination for health, fitness and wellbeing in North London. This can only be achieved by securing the ownership of the property, to allow for redesigning and redeveloping of the site to accommodate our future goals.
5. If we secure the ownership of the property, Shaolin Temple would be in a better position to serve the North London local community, Greater London and the entire UK.

This ePetition runs from 29/06/2020 to 30/12/2020.

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