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 Registered gifts and hospitalities

  • 16/03/2022 - Fleet News Award Ceremony offered by Refuse Vehicle Solutions Limited (RVSL); The Rink Bar, Great Room (Park Lane entrance) ; Value £300
  • 24/09/2021 - The Energy Efficiency Regional Awards offered by Baxter Kelly, Envirolec, Engie, Envirolec; Council and Energy Team were nominated for a number of awards, the sponsors of which are listed. Website for full information: Tickets paid for by the Energy team. In attendance were 3 officers + Cllr Champion ; Value £80
  • 22/09/2021 - The Energy Awards offered by Tickets sponsored by Colloid. Event organised by EMAP and two main sponsors: WILO and National Grid Metering; £495 originally, but received 2 for 1 ; Value £250