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Archway Town Centre Management Board


The Archway Town Centre Management Group works in partnership with Islington Council and the Archway Town Centre Manager to create a thriving town centre at Archway which is clean, safe, accessible, with a diverse retail mix, a positive and defined identity, and therefore provides a high quality environment for businesses, residents and visitors.

The aims of the Group are to:

-        Enhance the prosperity of businesses in the town centre and encourage new investment

-        Represent the views of the business community in the development of the town centre

-        Liaise with the Metropolitan Police, Islington Council and Transport for London to help create a safe environment

-        Work in partnership with the Council, the educational institutions and other statutory agencies and act as a forum for all stakeholders in the town centre

-        Market Archway as a desirable destination for new businesses and visitors

-        Develop and deliver an annual business plan that seeks to enhance and promote the town centre

-        Raise funds to implement an annual business plan

-        Provide opportunities for business-to-business networking.

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