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City of London Academy


Executive Summary

The Academy is a place which sets high standards, a place ‘Where Students Succeed’.

What is the Academy’s goal?

To be outstanding, both from the viewpoint of the stakeholders, the students, their families, the community, the staff and the Governing Body – and from the judgement of external bodies such as OFSTED.


What are the Academy’s core values?

The leadership, organisation and management reflect the core values of integrity, respect and responsibility.


What is the Academy’s core purpose?

·       To have a passionate belief in the power of learning

·       To ensure that learning is collaborative and organised for success

·       To enable personalised learning to be at the heart of our practice

·       To work well with stakeholders

·       To develop a strong emphasis on student voice

·       To transform leadership, organisation and management to reflect the core values of integrity, respect and responsibility


What are the six main areas of activity in the academy?

·       Ethos, behaviour and inclusion (learning environment)

·       Curriculum and learning pathways

·       Teaching and learning

·       ICT and Information Technology

·       Leadership, organisation and management


The academy’s specialism is Business and Enterprise with three areas of particular focus;

·       Leadership

·       Critical thinking

·       Creativity



Our representatives

  • Vivien Cutler