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Cross River Partnership


The Cross River Partnership is an alliance of 20 partners from the public, private and voluntary sectors, created to link the wealth and prosperity of central London to the deprived areas nearby.

Their objectives are to:

-        Identify, devise and formulate practical responses to policy issues affecting central London, through inter-Borough and inter-Business organisations, cross-river initiatives and interventions

-        Develop, resource and implement economic development, environmental, transport and public realm projects and programmes in central London, with a focus on sustainable improvements in the quality of life for residents, workers and visitors

-        Deploy the collective strength of the Partnership on shared challenges to achieve change, improve and increase resource leverage in areas of mutual interest, through engaging the full range of its members’ capacities.


CRP delivers the following core activities in support of their partners and objectives:

-        Strategic Direction and Business Planning

-        Financial Management and Audit

-        Accountable Body Functions

-        New Programme and Project Development

-        Partnership Brokerage

-        Investigating New Sources of External Funding

-        Specialist European Funding Management Expertise

-        Bidding for and Negotiating New Contracts

-        Programme Management of Successful Contracts

-        Capacity Building Activities

All of their activities are linked to and aim to enhance central London’s growth and contribution to the competitiveness of the capital overall.

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