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Outside body

St Mary Magdalene Academy


St Mary Magdalene Academy strives to:-

Be an educational community where high standards count. This desire informs not just our teaching, student behaviour, parental communication and pastoral care, but also our buildings and facilities. Above all, we expect high standards of learning and character from our students.

Model a community of all-age and lifelong learning, offering opportunities for everyone from the very young to those in retirement. We are open for classes and other activities outside the traditional school hours and during school holidays.

Be outward-looking in our perspective, mindful of our responsibilities both to the local and global community – particularly the developing world – and toward the care of the planet we share. This is embedded in the life of the school through our specialism of humanities and global citizenship.


Blur the edges between primary and secondary education, allowing primary pupils early access to the specialist facilities of the secondary department and giving secondary pupils the chance to mentor younger pupils.

Exploit the latest educational technology with the use of laptops, electronic whiteboards and innovative communication systems.

Recruit talented and creative staff who are eager to seize the chance to be in at the start of a visionary new school.

Care for the pupils and students as special individuals, listen to their views and encourage their involvement in the life of the school. In turn, we expect them to take responsibility for their actions and demonstrate high standards of conduct towards each other, younger pupils and our neighbours in the community.


Our representatives

  • David Forrester