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Issue - meetings

The Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman finding of Maladministration

Meeting: 19/07/2018 - Executive (Item 532)

532 The Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman finding of Maladministration pdf icon PDF 108 KB

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Reason for decision – as specified in the report.

Other options considered - none.

Conflicts of interest/dispensations granted – none.


Peter Fehler, the Acting Director of Law and Governance and Monitoring Officer, introduced the report advising that the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman (LGSCO) had issued and published a report finding maladministration against the council.  The LGSCO found the council at fault in three respects following investigation into a complaint received regarding Children and Employment Services. 

Peter Fehler reported that the council has accepted the LGSCO’s findings and has
undertaken a complaint learning meeting.  A cheque for compensation for the distress caused Miss X has been issued to her last known address, but has not been not cashed and the council has also tried to contact the complainant and her daughter, to offer to carry out an assessment, but they have not engaged with the council and made it clear, via a family member, that they do not want any contact with, or services from, the local authority. 


2.1.      That the contents of the LGSCO’s report dated 29 May 2018, a copy of
            which is attached to the report as appendix one, be noted.


2.2.      That the findings and remedies recommended by the LGSCO have been
            accepted by Children and Employment Services be noted.


2.3.      That the actions taken by the council to implement the recommendations  

            made by the LGSCO be noted.


2.4.      That copies of this report have been sent to all members of the council, be


2.5.      That no further report or action needs to be taken in relation to the matters
            set out in this report be agreed.


2.6       That a copy of this report and the Executive minutes will be sent to the LGSCO
            be agreed.


Reason for decision – to respond to the report of the LGSCO and ensure that future service delivery will be informed by the learning following assessment of the complaint.

Other options considered – none other than as specified in the report.

Conflicts of interest/dispensations granted – none.