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Agenda item

15 St George's Avenue, London, N7 0HB


Basement excavation to enlarge existing cellar including creation of front lightwell with metal grill above.  Erection of single storey rear infill extension, replacement of door to existing rear ground floor extension, installation of new rooflights to rear roof slope.  Installation of double glazed timber sash windows to front and rear elevations at ground, first and second floors, installation of fanlight to front door, installation of 2x2 timber front door, installation of replacement lead roof over second floor front bay window, alterations to front steps and paving, alterations to side boundary walls with no. 13 & 17 to the front and rear of building, installation of timber front gate and pillars to front boundary wall.


(Planning application number: P2017/2758/FUL)


In the discussion the following points were made:

·         The Planning Officer advised Members that 10 objections had been received over the two consultation periods and issues raised included a sense of enclosure especially in relation to 13 St George’s Avenue, impact on the amenity of neighbouring residents and overdevelopment of the site.

·         The Planning Officer informed the meeting of an additional condition to be included in the recommendations to address concerns about the detail designs of the front door. Condition 8 shall read - The new front door shall accurately replicate, in terms of material, profile and detailing, the original door surviving to the property.  The door shall be a painted timber door comprising of two glazed panels over a single lower solid panel.

·         An objector was concerned that the assessment of the proposal was contrary to a number of policies in particular DM3.22,2.16 and 1.27. She was also concerned that the consultation process was inadequate and the potential noise pollution during the construction period.

·         A neighbouring resident was concerned that the scheme would adversely impact on her well-being and health having previously suffered post-traumatic stress. Objector was also concerned that the structural method statement provided was not detailed enough and that the proposal would result in light loss and a sense of enclosure. 

·         The Planning Officers advised that noise pollution concerns would be addressed by a proposed condition requesting a construction management plan to be submitted before any works commence. With regards to concerns about the lack of a detailed basement excavation plan, Members were advised that although a material planning consideration, Officers had requested a condition that that no work should commence until an independent expert Structural Method Statement had been submitted and approved in writing in consultation with Building Control.


·         Members in their deliberation sought clarification of the daylight diagrams indicating the impact of the single storey side return infill on the neighbouring 13 St George’s Avenue. Officers drew Members attention to the autumn equinox diagram as the most standardised image. Members took the view that any additional shadow was barely noticeable and therefore attributed the majority of shading to the existing two storey closet wing.


·         In discussion Members advised that the proposed extension appeared similar in height, scale and massing as other modest extensions previously approved elsewhere in the borough and that it appeared to be a policy compliant proposal subject to conditions regarding structural method statement.


Councillor Gantly proposed a motion to grant planning permission subject to the additional condition relating to the detailed design of the front door being submitted. This was seconded by Councillor Nicholls and carried.





That planning permission be granted subject to the conditions set out in Appendix 1 of the officer report and the additional condition outlined above.


Supporting documents: