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Quarter 2 Performance Report - Environment and Transport


Councillor Webbe, Executive Member for Environment & Transport presented the Q2 Performance Report which set out the corporate performance indicators related to Environment and Transport.

·         The meeting was informed that most of the measures were positive in terms of targets being met with the exception of household recycling rates and the fall in the number of leisure visits. With regards to the quarterly recycling rate slippage to 28.6% from the 29.5% reported in 2017/18, the Executive Member for Environment and Transport reiterated that industry tolerances had become tighter hence the increase in tonnage rejected as contaminated.


·         In response to concerns about the annual slippage on the recycling rates, the Executive Member informed the meeting that the Service will be producing a new Waste Minimisation and Recycling Plan and is working with both the London Waste Reduction Board and the NLWA.


·         On the issue of consultation on the Waste Action Plan, the Executive Member said that although the guidance does not stipulate community engagement, it is good practice for councillors to be given the opportunity to contribute before it is finally approved in the autumn months.

·         Members were reminded that although annually the Council’s Waste Action and Recycling plan is reported to Executive, this plan will be incorporated into the new Rescue Plan which the Mayor of London has requested, especially as it has a new set of criteria. The Executive Member agreed that committee will be kept informed and requested that the Waste Action plan be circulated to members.


·         In response to a question on how the Council measures the success of the Council’s fuel poverty initiative, SHINE, the Executive Member for Environment and Transport reiterated that the scheme is about interventions which has resulted in positive outcomes for residents. A suggestion that the SHINE team be invited to committee to give a presentation was noted.

·         With regards to raising the profile and promoting the success of Islington Bloom and its award ceremonies, and especially in recognition of the magnificent work of volunteers, the Park and Open Spaces Manager informed Members that the competition and the awards are publicised via social media, Islington Life magazine and Homes and Communities. There are plans for a strategy to be produced to increase coverage which will be shared with members in due course.

·         On the timeline with regards to the Council’s Transport strategy and public consultation, the meeting was advised that councillors and the public will have the opportunity to contribute to the strategy after March with the intention to have it signed off in September. In response to inaccurate information on the Council website relating to the Strategy, the meeting was advised that this would be looked into and corrected.


·         In response to a question on reasons for the fall in fly-tipping figures compared to the previous year, the Park and Open Spaces Manager reminded members that there was an issue with the waste data however the fault with the IT software has now been resolved.

·         With regard to the question of whether there were any recurring issue following the implementation of the street cleansing regime, the initial teething problems which related to the logistics around the refuse vehicles have been resolved.  The new regime has resulted in cleaner streets. Members were informed that this change has resulted in Islington Council being nominated for an award for its innovation on street cleansing by Keep Britain Tidy.

·         The Chair reminded Members to email the committee clerk if they had any questions on the report.


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