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Agenda item

Scrutiny Review - Sustainable and Affordable Energy workstream


Frances Ugboma, Head of Energy Services and Keith Townsend Director of Environment and Regeneration were present and outlined the presentation to the Committee, copy interleaved


During consideration of the presentation the following main points were made –

·         Scrutiny Work Programme - February 2021 – Planning priorities and sustainable and affordable energy, March 2021 Green Economy (provisional) and Transport, Sustainable and affordable energy generation and supply priorities, April 2021 Residential buildings, commercial and industrial buildings and infrastructure and the natural environment and waste reduction and recycling priorites

·         Strategy at a glance – residential buildings, commercial and industrial buildings and infrastructure – improve energy efficiency and reduce the level of carbon emissions of all buildings. Transport – reduce emissions in the borough from transport, Sustainable energy and affordable energy and supply – increase local generation of renewable heat and electricity, increase the update of affordable and renewable energy tariffs and mitigate fuel poverty. Green Economy and Planning – deliver on net zero carbon target whilst assuring the economic success and vitality of the borough by working closely with the 18800 businesses in the borough, many small or micro sized. Natural Environment and Waste Reduction and Recycling – integrate ongoing activities in recycling and reducing waste and managing the local environment

·         Additional workstreams –engaging, empowering and partnership, finance and investment

·         Sustainable and affordable energy – scope – clean energy with a particular focus on waste heat and solar, all buildings in Islington residential and commercial, and all residents of Islington with a particular focus on fuel poverty. This workstream will enable zero carbon and low cost heating supply and electricity generation for as many residential and commercial buildings as possible

·         Deliverables – Energy networks – complete the Green SCIES design project, develop other smart energy networks, add new connections to the Bunhill heat network and seek ways to connect with other networks, look at how the Bunhill Heat Network can be made a zero emissions network, connect our communally heated buildings to district heating networks where possible. Maximise solar power generation, purchase any remaining electricity needs for renewable sources, support residents in fuel poverty, improving energy efficiency and maximising incomes of Islington residents in or at risk of fuel poverty

·         Number of funding applications to support Sustainable and Affordable Energy

·         Delivery over the next 12/18 months – develop and agree funding delivery route for the Green SCIES project, switch the Council and partners to electricity supplies generated through renewable sources of energy, identify options to secure more cost effective and energy efficient solutions for residents, develop scope and action plan of the Renewable Power for London workstream, as part of the London Climate Change Programme

·         Reference was made to the need to ensure local contractors were upskilled in order to bid for retrofitting works. It was noted that the level of certification required by the Government for retrofitting made it difficult for small contractors, however work would be taking place to ensure local contractors are more equipped in this regard

·         A Member stated that it was more expensive for residents if they had to change to green tariffs and that many residents would not be able to afford this

·         In response to a question as to solar panels it was stated that there were problems with installing these on historic buildings, such as the Town Hall, however ways of retrofitting and reducing carbon emissions were being looked at. It was stated that the Emirates Stadium would be a good example of where solar panels could be installed


The Chair thanked Frances Ugboma and Keith Townsend for attending