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Annual Crime and Disorder report - Borough Commander


Chief Superintendent, Andy Carter, was present, and accompanied by Darren Jones and Elaina Usher. Councillor Sue Lukes Executive Member Community Safety and Jonathan Gallagher, Interim Head of Community Safety were also present for discussion of this item


A presentation was made to the Committee, copy interleaved, and during consideration of the presentation the following main points were made –


·         Crime Performance summary – total crime 12.9% down, violent crime 1.9% down, knife crime 9.2% down, serious youth violence 15.8% down, robbery 20.5% down, drug offences 24.7% down, moped enable crime down 1.3%, and pedal cycle enabled crime 1.55 down, domestic abuse down however race hate crimes risen 7.4%

·         There were 23296 total notifiable offences in 2020/21

·         Policing in Islington – Introduction of EC1 multi agency panel, ward improvement Panel implemented to improve the geographical and demographic reach within each Ward to give communities a strong voice.

·         Introduction of violence suppression unit targeting robberies and knife crime, and revised hate crime plan introduced

·         Implementation of Mayor’s Action Plan with immersive experiences for new Police officers, role reversal on stop and search etc.

·         Delivering opportunities for the public to experience policing and increasing accountability by reintroducing the ride-along teams and a new initiative Community Observer programme

·         Violence against women and girls – VAWG service transformation started April 2020 and last year – number of initiatives taken place and new DA daily safeguarding meeting established. A strategy update will be circulated for comment with a launch scheduled for November. This was a priority area and work is taking place on safe havens and information sessions to inform boys of how to treat women and girls and safety and extra Police resources had been put in place at night across neighbourhoods to increase public confidence. 650 additional officers had been added across London to assist with this, and officers were also targeting hotspots

·         Youth crime update – sustained reduction in youth violence, reduction in all national indicators of youth crime, enhanced detached youth work offer, NCL bid to provide additional support to young people involved in serious youth violence submitted to NHS England

·         Key partnership initiatives – developed a successful summer violence reduction strategy, safer spaces campaign launched, reduction in rough sleeping, installation of knife surrender bins, consultation launch on 5 year violence reduction strategy, Tri borough action group with Haringey and Hackney to address crime and ASB in Finsbury Park area which has had positive results. Multi-agency ASB intervention panels developed weekly to address ASB at the earliest opportunity

·         Noted that there were two main types of street robbery and there is a challenge around robbery by e scooter

·         Noted the commitment to neighbourhood policing and that following the murder of Sarah Everard there is a need to rebuild trust with the community. Ward panels were often not representative of the community and community mapping was taking place

·         It was stated that there was a challenge in the Blackstock Road and Finsbury Park area, and it was noted that whilst additional ward officers would be appointed, these were often newly appointed officers who need appropriate training

·         Mysogenistic behaviour and hate crime were issues identified for action  however it was noted that in LBI these areas had shown the highest satisfaction rates in London. Ward officers would also be available to give bespoke support to victims

·         It was stated that COVID had had an effect on reducing crime, and this had given the Police an opportunity to seize the initiative, however crime levels were now rising again, but still below previous pre COVID levels

·         Noted that the Police now had a crime exploitation unit which was fully staffed and this was looking at grooming and trafficking

·         Every secondary school now had a schools officer, and work is also taking place to introduce this in two primary schools

·         In response to a question as to the problem of drugs on the Andover Estate it was noted that the Police were aware of this issue

·         In response to a question as to BAME representation at Ward Panels, it was stated that it was hoped to use social media/technology to attract BAME and young people

·         Noted that there had been internal listening circles put in place to enable Police officers to report any issues, and deal with any issues faced following the Sarah Everard murder, and also there was anonymous reporting

·         In response to a question it was stated that levels of reporting of Domestic Violence had been maintained, and that it was important to respond within the first 24 hours as this offered the best chance of reducing offending, and dealing with the problem

·         Noted the reduction in Policing resources in recent years, however the Police were now committed to improve neighbourhood policing, and extra resources were being allocated

·         Noted that the Police had a victim liaison team  to ensure that support is given to victims whilst perpetrators were awaiting trial

·         Noted that any feedback from Members to the Police on the reaction of the Public to the Police as a result of the Sarah Everard murder, in order to identify any actions that the Police could take to address these concerns would be welcomed

·         Noted that in order to be transparent about Policing, and in particular with regard to stop and search, members of the Public could accompany the Police to see how they operated. 22% of stop and search resulted in a positive outcome

·         Noted the actions taken to recruit more BAME police officers

·         A Member stated that there needed to be better communication with the Public, and that recently a warrant card had been found in the street and it was stated that the Police would provide Councillor Lukes with details that could be circulated to Members, however information should be available on the website

·         Reference was made to the knife bins located in the borough, and that these had been successful. It was stated that these were emptied quarterly at present but the frequency of collection could be looked at, as this had been reduced during COVID






The Chair thanked those present for attending



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