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Car Park and Basement Vaults East of Shire House, Lambs Passage and Sutton Way, London, EC1Y 8TE - Listed Building Consent


Listed Building Consent for Construction of a 2 to 7 storey building (above ground level) together with the change of use of the Grade II listed underground vaults within the basement to 2,539sqm (GIA) of office floorspace (Class E(g)(i)) along with associated landscaping and public realm improvements (in association with full Planning Application ref: P2021/3656/FUL).


(Planning application number: 2021/3677/LBC)


In the discussion the following points were made:


·       The planning officer reported that a further representation had been received and members had been updated.

·       A member raised concern about potential overlooking. The planning officer advised that the angle between the rooms was oblique, and the windows were to offices rather than habitable rooms.

·       A member raised concern about planters being used for trees. The planning officer advised that with the existing basement below, trees could only be planted in planters.

·       A member asked if the northern elevation could be a green wall. The planning officer stated that the wall had to remain as a brick wall so as not to prejudice future schemes.

·       In response to a member’s question, the planning officer stated that those using the affordable workspace would have access to toilet and shower facilities and they would pay a 50% service charge rate.

·       The existing basement was discussed. The planning officer advised that some of the basement was under 1 Lambs Passage and was used for plant. A member commented that one of the reasons the previous scheme had been refused was the accommodation in the basement and the planning officer advised that the planning inspector had allowed that element of the scheme.

·       In response to a member’s question about whether the exact materials to be used were the ones outlined in the officer presentation, the planning officer stated they were and that Condition 3 secured samples of these materials being submitted.

·       A member commented that the previous scheme had been refused on daylight reasons. However, the planning inspector did not comment on this, suggesting they considered the daylight acceptable.

·       A member raised concern about the view from Shire House on to the west elevation. The applicants confirmed they would be willing to accept a condition to investigate further treatments of this wall.

·       A member requested that consideration be given to installing a blue roof. The applicants stated they would be willing to accept a condition and stated that consideration would also have to be given to weight as this could put more pressure on the listed vaults below.

·       In response to a member’s question about consultation, the applicant confirmed that an exhibition had been held, there had been a mailout to the local community and information had been put on the website. They stated that the comments received were largely positive, including from those in Shire House.



That following consideration of the case officer’s report (the assessment and recommendations therein), the presentation to Committee and submitted representations, listed building consent be granted subject to the conditions and informatives set out in Appendix 1 of the officer report.



Supporting documents: