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Make Holford Gardens Human Friendly Again

We the undersigned petition the council to create a separate dog friendly area in Holford Gardens in order to allow for sanitary and safe conditions for humans to enjoy the park. Currently children from Bevin Court play in the road and behind the estate by the bins to avoid the dog fouled lawns of the garden. The dogs also cause damage to the foliage. Residents of the estate and neighbouring areas cannot picnic there or enjoy the free space in the current arrangement. Please consider a solution to allow humans and dogs to both enjoy Holford Gardens!

Especially with the warm weather, many living in apartments seek the shade of a nice tree to read or enjoy a picnic. Holford Gardens has become unusable for humans as it is constantly full of dogs and more importantly, dog foul. We need a solution that allows for both humans and dogs to have an outdoor space in their local area.

This ePetition ran from 14/08/2022 to 25/09/2022 and has now finished.

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