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Street Rubbish Bins

We the undersigned petition the council to Add four new street rubbish bins to deal with the significant problem of littering in the area near St John Street/Dallington Street/Great Sutton Street.

Dallington Street appears to have a significant amount of littering on it as it has no rubbish bins despite having a school and cafe on it, with littering particularly noticeable around the social housing areas. Great Sutton Street seems to have similar problems given it has a number of bars and take away places on it and it repeatedly has significant littering due to the lack of adequate bins. St John Street used to have a street rubbish bin outside the Tesco that was generally overflowing as there were not enough in the area - and that has now been removed resulting in even more littering. It seems reasonable to assume 2 rubbish bins are needed in the St John Street area given the two large supermarkets placed there. In general, Islington Council seems content to allow an appalling amount of rubbish on streets due to lack of sufficient rubbish bins and the low frequency of domestic and commercial rubbish collections - which is bad for the hygiene of the area, encourages pests and results in the overall area suffering from "broken window" syndrome where the general neglect encourages people to take less personal responsibility and care for the shared streets.

This ePetition runs from 01/06/2020 to 30/09/2020.

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